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My little J-Pie has been asking “am I five yet?” for six months. As her birthday got closer I started making plans for her party. I love planning birthday parties for my kids! I often think I enjoy the party just as much as they do (if not more). When I asked J-Pie what kind of party she wanted, she exclaimed without hesitation, “Tangled!” She loves Rapunzel, along with the gazillions of other little girls on the planet. She can watch that movie over and over, and recite it line for line. I have to admit, I love the movie too so I don’t really mind. So it was settled; we would have a “Tangled” party.

I got busy researching right away. I like to start with planning the cake. I feel like the cake sets the theme for the rest of the party. I had seen this cake recently, and loved it. However, it was a bit beyond my cake decorating skill level. But I thought I could do something similar with a sheet cake, and suspend some little lanterns above it somehow. As I was researching though, I came across this photo… and fell in love. I knew J-Pie would love it, and it would be a great focal point! I decided to build it using doughnuts, as shown here. (For full instructions, click here.) Cool Guy, my husband, had the brilliant idea of using our paper towel holder as the supporting structure, so we didn’t have to build anything. We decided on complimenting the tower with cupcakes, since Flynn and Rapunzel eat them when they visit the kingdom.

Next I started planning the decorations. I knew I wanted to use paper lanterns somehow. I found several ideas for releasing “lanterns” into the night sky, like this one, which were awesome. However, I am a mom on a budget, and as wonderful as they were, they just were not a possibility. Then I came across this tutorial to make these really cute, and super easy, paper lanterns. I knew they weren’t authentic to the movie, but when my daughter saw them her face lit up! I made ten of these in about a half an hour. So easy! I thought I would string them up in little clusters around the room.

I also saw this bunting with purple flags with the sun image and knew I had to do that too. The template is free (thank you PagingSupermom!) and ready to be printed out on your home printer. It can be found here. I printed mine on cardstock, punched a hole at each top corner and then strung them on some purple yarn. Then I ripped strips of some purple and pink fabric and tied it at each corder of the flags. I already had everything I needed for the lanterns and the bunting on hand, so these were perfect for our party. After the party was over, we hung the bunting and some of the lanterns in J-Pie’s room above her bed.

Now, what to do for a menu. There are a ton of good ideas out there, but most of them were snack type foods. This was going to be a family party (more adults than children), at which I would be serving dinner. So I needed something a little more substantial, but easy to eat since my house is designed more for mingling as opposed to a giant sit-down dinner party. I decided to go with a pub style menu, to play off of the “Snuggly Duckling” thug pub.

Our “Pub Grub” menu:

Main Course:


  • Carrot Sticks and Celery Sticks with Ranch Dip
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Popcorn
  • Soft Pretzels with Cheese Dip



  • Cupcakes and Tower
  • Rootbeer Floats

I loved these jello-boat cups and for a kid party they would be a great addition! I also liked this idea of serving everything in frying pans. I put the kids’ party favors in my cast iron skillet. Inspired by Rapunzel’s love for painting, the party favors were little water color paint sets (less than a dollar at WalMart). I took out the piece of cardboard and put a “Tangled” sticker on each set. You could print out some “Tangled” coloring sheets, found here, for a fun and simple party activity.

I bought one package each of “Tangled” party cups, cake plates, luncheon napkins and a “Tangled” table cloth. I supplemented with plain pink and plain light blue paper plates, cups and napkins. This is a great way to keep costs down on party supplies. I try and make sure the kids end up with the printed ones.

I loved how this party turned out, and I think J-Pie did too. She loves big family gatherings, and she is quite the little hostess herself. She never misses an opportunity to invite people over to our house for pizza. So cute. I hope you can find a little inspiration here for your own little “Rapunzel’s” party. I would love to see your photos of how it turned out!

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