A New Blessing


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It’s been a while since I’ve written..sorry about that. We recently welcomed our fourth baby to our family. A sweet baby boy! This pregnancy was, by far, the most difficult of the four. I began having braxton hicks contractions in the 18th week and they continued throughout the pregnancy. We rushed to the hospital in week 29 because I was having way too many that day and they seemed stronger than they had been up to that point. I was put on medication to try and suppress them, and after another late night hospital run the following week, I was put on bed rest.

Hmmm… bed rest with three little ones running around, depending on me for their every need? I have a 5 year old girl, 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl (besides the new little one). This was going to be interesting. My husband was able to stay home from work for the first week and help me. He is amazing by the way. Our friends and family at our church created a meal schedule for us to help out, and what an awesome blessing that was! They provided supper for us for two months! I can’t even express how grateful I am for their love and care for us! They used www.takethemameal.com to organize things. I encourage you to check it out the next time you plan a meal schedule. Such a wonderful help… and free!

As the weeks went by, I figured out that I could be up for about 10 minutes before contractions started in. It became kind of a game, to see how much stuff I could pack into those 10 minutes. Then I would have to lay down for the rest of the hour. My 5 year old, bless her, got really good at helping my 2 year old get on the potty. Such a big helper!

It was quite a stressful time for me. I was counting every day and every week. I studied growth and development articles online to see where our little guy was at, and what complications we might run into if he were to be born early. I would set goals every two weeks. The first goal was to make it to 32 weeks. My ultimate goal was to make it to 38. Then he could come whenever he wanted and I would be happy. We made it to 36 weeks, and they took me off the medication. That made me a little nervous, but I didn’t notice any change with my contractions in the days and weeks that followed. We finally hit 38 weeks, and at 6 AM that morning, my water broke! I was so ready to meet our little guy! We headed to the hospital and at 11:02 PM I had my precious little boy in my arms. Healthy and perfect!

He is now 6 weeks old and doing beautifully. The other three kids are absolutely in love with him, as are we. I am so thankful for the sweet blessings God has given me.

**A side note: I put my Etsy shop on vacation just after going on bed rest, but it is back open now. www.leeleeandjj.etsy.com. Red, white and blue baby tutu dresses are available now… just in time for Fourth of July! Supplies are limited, so order yours today!

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